How to become a good writer (and blogger)

Not all are born a writer. Nor one a natural blogger. But thanks to Tracy Gold, a Marketing and Content Associate at Right Source Marketing, for making this great article.

1. Focus on your audience. A blogger who knows his or her audience and how to engage it will be more successful than a talented writer who doesn’t understand their audience. Of course, part of being a talented writer is writing to your audience, but you can focus on your audience without being a classically talented writer.

2. Create how-to’s and lists. Lists and how-to’s are both popular and easy to write. You don’t have to be able to organize a feature article in order to slap 5 points together and call it a blog post, yet that short and sweet post can attract a lot of hits.

3. Use catchy headlines. It’s annoying to click a link because of a great headline and get a horrible blog post. But a fantastic title can do wonders for a mediocre post. In today’s world of fleeting attention, a catchy headline, even if it’s only substantiated by mediocre content, can be share-worthy, and thus, by at least one metric, successful. Of course, the best posts have both great headlines and meaningful content.

4. Use pictures and videos. Not all blogs focus on words. If you’re a visual person, not a verbal person, post pictures, slides from presentations, videos, and infographics on your blog. Frame them with a sentence or two to capture search engine traffic, and you’re good to go.

5. Write what you know. If you have a niche area of expertise, write about it. Right Source works with a team of software and product developers who aren’t writers by profession, but have experienced significant blogging success. By writing what they know, they’ve created well-written content that’s gone viral in their niches.

6. Be persistent. For blogging success, quantity and regularity is almost as important as quality. Even if a large audience loved that helpful blog post you wrote six months ago, they’re not going to care about you if you haven’t written anything since then. Writing talent is not a prerequisite for perseverance.

7. Get help from a great writer. Do you know anyone who lives and breathes writing? Can you pay or bribe them to help you (if beer doesn’t work, try cookies)? Getting an extra set of eyes on your blog posts is a good idea regardless, and if you work with a writer who gives quality constructive feedback, you’ll soon become a better writer yourself.

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