Getting business transactions online with PayPal

For most individuals and businesses, selling or getting paid online is hard. Although they can list their merchandise online, the process of selling and getting paid is another wall to get through. Most often, they use cash-on-delivery, wire transfers, and by checks. But there are hassles with this solution. Checks can get lost, wire transfers are expensive, or maybe not supported on either ends, among other things. But with introduction of PayPal, these are all thing of the past.

PayPal, an online payment facility, offers an online equivalent of major currencies of the world. And because it can be integrated with credit and debit cards, selling and getting paid online is a breeze – without revealing your cards sensitive information. One can also maximize revenue in domestic and international sales. And on top of this, all transactions are covered with buyer protection – where you can reverse any transaction should disputes arise.

PayPal accepts major credit cards, and if you’re selling stuffs online your potential customers don’t even need a PayPal account. They’ll just have to enter their card details and the transaction will be completed. And if you’re the one that’s buying on a PayPal accredited site, you’ll enter your PayPal ID and password to continue – no need to type that lengthy card numbers and addresses.

This facility has all the tools needed to set up an online cart. Absolutely no programming needed. Just select a template, and put in your site. All transactions will be then reflected on your account. You can also use a “Donation” template for use on non-profit causes too.

Getting an account with PayPal is easy. There are different types of account provided, select which one would suit you. Fill up necessary forms, and if you got your payment online through this service, you can send it to your bank on file, or to your ATM card.

Register an account with PayPal

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