Free Windows and Linux VPS (7-day and 14-day trial)

Create and try a Windows or Linux VPS free of charge, check the three VPS provider below which gives 7-day and 14-day trial of their products.

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* Get a 90-day Windows Azure VPS *

14-day Trial

ProPlus Windows Virtual Private Server for 14 days risk free. Follow the steps:

Step 1. Click here (opens a new page)

Step 2. Sign up as a regular customer. Please use correct contact details as you have to verify your account later.

Step 3. Once verified, you’ll be presented a page; select your desired VPS. Move the scroll bar left or right until you get the correct operating system.


Step 4. Click “Add this Machine”. It will proceed, and click “Continue to Step 2”. Edit the name and description of the VPS you created. Click “Save and continue to Step 3”.

Step 5. Click “Finish and Run”. Wait for the notice that prompts “Being Added”.


Once finished, the “View Machine” button will become clickable. Click it to log into your newly created VPS.


Congratulations! You can now use it for 14 days.

7-day Trial

Get a 7-day trial on Windows or Linux VPSes

Step 1. Click here (opens a new window)


Step 2. Signup and Confirm your e-mail. Once confirmed, you can use your VPS.

7-day Trial

Experience your own cloud-hosted virtual desktop in 60 seconds, good for 7 days

Step 1. Click here (opens a new window)


Upon submission of registration you will receive an email with a link to access your virtual desktop along with resources designed to assist your evaluation. Your free trial will remain active for 7 days.

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