How to get a free Visa Debitcard

payza debit card $10 Gift Card (0114)

Earlier I had shown you a step-by-step tutorial on getting a free MasterCard Debit card. Now I’m back again and will show how you can get another debit card, this time its Visa.

First of all I would like to remind that this is a commodity wherein you need to use your real name, address, and/or banking details. Some people on the ‘net rely on VCC (virtual credit cards) and fake identities which is not good for business. So please, if you want to avail of this service, please be honest.

And now…

First, you need to get yourself a Payza account. It’s just like Paypal, except that it offers a free Visa Debit card. Please sign-up here.

The signup process is very easy. After you confirmed and logged in, you need to first upgrade to Personal Pro account and verify it. You will be given two choices in verifying your account, either by bank deposit or by existing Credit card.

Now if you are done with that, you can claim your Visa powered Debit card. The benefit of having a Debit card is of course you can control your expenditure and wont risk your main Credit card online.

With Payza Debit card the activation fee is waived and you wont have any monthly fees. You can open a US or CA account and its available to over 48 countries worldwide. You can have it on your name, or get it anonymous. So hurry and get your Payza Visa Debit Card.

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