Free upgrade of your Globe Tattoo USB modems

Globe Tattoo is the fastest mobile internet service in the Philippines. Recently they have released the USB stick updates for their products.

You may ask, “Why do i need to upgrade?“. The simple answer is, upgrading the device will ensure that its on its maximum performance and your computer will recognize the device and avoid errors. Plus, it enables the features that was either hidden or not yet supported on its initial release.

With the update, users will be able to use the call and text functionality of the device.

What you need to perform the software update?

* The Globe Tattoo USB stick.
* The new firmware executable file, which you can download from the links below.
* A Windows based computer, preferably Windows XP.

Download Firmware

Huawei E153
Huawei E158
Huawei E1552
Huawei E160

Huawei E160E
Huawei E220 (For Macintosh users)
Huawei E303 (For Windows 8 and MAC 10.8.2) Support
Huawei E357s-2-Postpaid
Huawei E357s-2-Postpaid (For MAC users) Support
Huawei E357s-2 TA-Prepaid (For Windows 8 and MAC 10.8.2) Support
Huawei E367
Huawei E367 (For MAC users) Support
Huawei E392u-12
Huawei E392u-12 (For MAC users) Support

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