How to get a free MasterCard Debitcard

mastercard debitcard $10 Gift Card (0114)

Do you want to get a free MasterCard Debit card for free? Read on and I’ll show you how…

Its very easy to get this freebie. Just follow and you will have it delivered at your doorstep!

1. Sign up for the Payoneer MasterCard

This is the vital step. Click here to signup, and get $25* (opens a new page)

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2. Fill up the form

Just be true to yourself. Avoid faking the details because this is a real MasterCard debitcard. And put your correct mailing address, they charge a flat $12.95 for the changing of mailing address + replacement card. Avoid using vpn / vps / proxy in signing up to avoid disapproval.

Payoneer form

3. Wait for the activation e-mail

Account approvals usually take 12-24 hours. I got mine approved in less than 24hours.

mastercard approved

You will also get a US Payment Account, a premium service which allows you to receive ACH / Direct Deposit transfers from select corporations including PayPal, Amazon, Skrill (Moneybookers), and more.

us checking

You can activate your US Payment account by uploading some ID for the verification

payoneer id verification

You will again have to wait a few hours or days for your US Payment Account verification.

4. Activate your card

Once you receive your Payoneer MasterCard Debit card (about a week or two outside the US), you’ll have to activate it. It would be better to add funds on your account and get free $25*

You can now use your MasterCard debit card for receiving and sending money. Best of all you can use it on your PayPal too.

* Earn $25 when you receive at least $100 in payments using your activated Payoneer MasterCard

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