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You landed on this page because you’re seeking for free credit card numbers, right?. Well, the bad thing is, there’s really no such a thing as free credit card or even free virtual credit card numbers.

In reality, you will never find a free credit card number. Yes, there are a lot of free credit card number generator, generating random account number that are valid. But the thing is, you cant use them. they are just for experimental purposes only. And supposed you have found a site with a real credit card number, you would still need the exact name, address, and the pin code for it to work. You can’t just simply sneak around a credit card number and not knowing the account details itself. Plus, it’s illegal to use others credit card. You could be sued and put to prison.

If you want a credit card number, and is desperate of it, you can apply at your local bank. You would find out that it’s much easier and economical than having your time and effort searching for nothing. I have also stumbled upon once about a virtual credit card service – it’s legal and you can use it online, by paying a subscription fee. In the Philippines, one can get Smart Money card (its a MasterCard Electronic brand) from SMART Communications, or get an EON card (a VISA Electron brand) from Union Bank of the Philippines. Online, I also heard that Alert Pay is offering MasterCard card for online marketing purposes.

So my friend, i urge you to go to your bank instead. 🙂 Have a nice day!

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