Free 070 UK number (call divert) to your own local number

Do you want to have a UK fixed number, and the calls diverted to any local or international landline or mobile phone? Try Datacalls.

How to get a UK number?

First, you have to sign up at After receiving your account and password on your email, you can start the service by selecting your desired UK number on the presented list. After a series of prompts, you will be then asked for your local (or international) number that you wish to associate with the Datacalls UK number. That’s it! You can then use your UK number for calls.

If you want to add another number, feel free to do so on the dashboard. You can also manage your existing Datacalls UK numbers, modify the settings, etc. You also can set IVR (Interactive Voice Response), Voicemail, or set a Fax setting. There is a detailed Call Records section for tracking down incoming and outgoing calls.

Another benefit of a Datacalls UK number is that you can make an outgoing call. Simply call your own Datacalls UK number, and press “9” on the “connecting call” voice prompt. You’ll be asked for your account ID and password, so keep them handy. After account verification, just select “option 1” twice to make an outbound call.

But the interesting part is, you can gain FREE call minutes! Whenever someone calls you on your Datacalls UK number and you are connected to the call, you get reward ranging from $0.005c for every minute on international call and $0.025 for every minute received from a UK-based call.

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