Flow Wizard (Jingling Flowspirit for Webmaster) SEO Traffic


Flow Wizard is a webmaster, personal blog, online writer, website promotion, internet marketing, online shop promotion and other types of network practitioners tool in improving the traffic, shops / merchandise page views, page PV (visits ), UV (unique visitors), IP (independent IP).

Download: Jingling 4.0.3
Password: 123456

Principle of Software

It is a traffic exchange software, automatically submits your websites to the Jingling network for other users to visit. It uses different IP addresses, ISPs, access times, visit length, browsers, and Operating Systems in its every view to a website. It is a general-purpose web promotion software, the software also provides a variety of basic functions (sub-page access pop mode, destination URL, source URL, curve control).


Software features

Easy to use

Simple to use, just add your own URL to start sharing traffic;

The software supports flow curve control according to their needs, users can control their own traffic size;

The software supports traffic optimization features, the users according to their own set pop mode, destination URL, source URL;

The software can be set to start automatically, hide in tray icon, boss key, automatic upgrade function;

Pure green software: the software is only a single file, without having to install. Full support for Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, Win7 operating system;

High Security

Software uses self-developed embedded browser based on IE kernel, can effectively block all types of viruses Trojans download;

Deep anti-Trojan intrusion effectively blocks all types of viruses Trojans from the web;

Prohibits any pop-up window, pictures, sound, video and other binary files, fully reduce network resource consumption;

True effectiveness

The software is based on the the IE kernel independent research and development of embedded browser

The user flexibility to specify the the traffic source URL

The flexibility to specify the destination URL, and destination URL random access sub-pages, bringing traffic to the specified page;

The server intelligently control the access frequency

Intelligent analysis software sub-page links within the site, and random access, to ensure that the entire site will be accessed


It is recommended to use the latest version 4, because of bugfixes in the program and improved SEO delivery.

Download: Jingling 4.0.3
Password: 123456

How to use Jingling.exe Flowspirit for Webmaster?

Because the nature of the program is Chinese, one will have a hard time to successfully use the program. But worry not; I will teach you the basics of the software.

1. Decompress the downloaded file above, disable your antivirus because some antivirus don’t like the nature of this program, it may report as spy/adware/trojan. Click to run it.


2. Click the item with “1” to add a web url. You will see it in “2” if its successfully added.


3. Enter the link as shown in “1”, press OK (shown in “2”).


Tip: If you want this to run 24/7 (giving you more website traffic) you will need to buy a Windows VPS and run it there. You can get a cheap Windows VPS on this link.

That’s it! This is the very basic use of Flow Wizard (Jingling Flowspirit for Webmaster) SEO Traffic.

For the advanced tutorial, please click here.

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