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How to make Firefox launch faster with Firefox preloader

firefox preloader

Some Firefox fans out there surely noticed that Firefox 18 is a bit slow when launching it the first time. It can even go as far as freezing the browser, and Windows giving you the option to close it. I experienced this on Windows 7 Ultimate with 2gigs RAM.

I searched the ‘net and found a software that can dramatically speed up Firefox’s launch time. It’s called Firefox preloader that autostarts with the system. The program basically use the same principle being used by Internet Explorer, that’s by letting Windows OS start some of the needed applications and DLLs in effect making Internet Explorer “responsive”.

Just download Firefox preloader on Sourceforge and install it right away. If in the event your computer seems freezing, just reboot it and to make the changes take effect.

Though using the program has drawbacks. The system startup will be delayed slightly, and a few megabytes of RAM will be dedicated to the program to make sure that Firefox will load fast. But overall its barely noticeable and what you got is a super fast Firefox.

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