President Ferdinand E. Marcos and his Friendly letter last January 2, 1986

It’s the 26th year anniversary of EDSA People Power Revolution next year. See what I’ve got: A historical memorabilia from the Man itself!

This was a shot of the letter dated January 2, 1986 to my father. It was a two-page letter by then President Ferdinand E. Marcos, written on the Malacañang paper. The details were about the upcoming February 7, 1986 election and the people revolting on his governance.

January 2, 1986

Dear Friend:

The election on February 7, is, to my mind, the most important single event in contemporary history. I am sure that like me, you look forward to it with great expectations.

I wrote to you, therefore, to express the hope that together we could take the election as an opportunity to renew the bonds we have forged through the years we have worked to bring our country forward.

And we have worked hard, my friend, and must continue to do so. We face what you must already know are great problems. There is insurgency, the godless movement that seeks to overthrow our government and install in its place an ideology alien to our most valued traditions and national dreams.

This movement has been struggling to do so for the last 50 years but the majority of our people, essentially God-fearing, patriotic and decent have rejected its overtures because our enemies seek to install here the worship of ruthless, mortal deities, instead of the God of love and forgiveness we have worshiped since time began.

Together with this, we also face economic difficulties caused principally by forces in the world beyond our control. However, we are emerging from our economic difficulties slowly but surely, thanks mostly to the heroic response of our people to the government’s appeal for struggle and sacrifice.

The dignity and security of our country, and the economic progress and happiness of our people is in the middle of all our dreams, our goals, our efforts. I ask that you continue to work with me unswayed by the voices of those who preach hate, vengeance, and dissension.

God bless us all.


(signed) FEMarcos

Interestingly, there was a similar letter entitled “Mahal kong mga Kababayan” (My beloved Countrymen) on the internet and is being sold for PHP21 Million.

Update: I searched the internet, and it turns out that this is not a “friendly letter”, but a “campaign letter”.

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