You have stolen my heart, my bride; you have stolen my heart with one glance of your eyes…( Songs of Songs 4:9)

Ilang kanta naba ang nabuo ng dahil sa ganda ng MATA ng isang babae? We’ve heard that the eyes are the windows to the soul (tama?), but it is true. Anu ba ang meron sa EYES? (muta? luha? hehe) Tahimik man ito, but they speak volumes. They tell a man if we are angry, sad, happy, approachable, or unapproachable. (db?) Me napanuod nga ako one time sabi “Makuha ka sa tingin!” 🙂

Sa simula palang, God made all fruit pleasing to the eye, including us. Tayu ang fruit of His omniscient womb. He fashioned us not just as a reflection of Himself, but as something that would be nice to look at. He formed women to attract men. This is not a bad or sinful thing. However, how we use what God has given us can either work for or against us. What do your eyes say?

Let’s consider the effect a woman’s eyes can have. They have the power to arrest a man, to captivate, invite, or deter his approach.

Hmmm, the lover in Song of Songs told the beloved that her eyes were like the pools of Heshbon. (sobrang deep!) The word Heshbon means “stronghold.” A stronghold is a place of no escape. Now that’s deep na naman (hehe). He asked her later in chapter 6, verse 5 to turn her eyes away from him because they overwhelmed him… oooh, thi is juicy stuff! The girl hadn’t said a word, yet she had captured this man with her eyes.

Her eyes were also like doves. Soft and gentle, not arrogant and bold. They were eyes that beckoned one to come closer. What do yours say? Are they filled with the pain of past relationship? Hardened by mistrust? Before you can beckon love and find favor in the eyes of another, your eyes must be refocused on the joy set before you.

Submit your fears and disappointments to the Lord and dwell on His promises so that He can fill your eyes with the light of His love. A light that will attract the right man to follow the path to your heart…

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