How to earn money with Clixsense? A step by step Guideline.

ClixSense is a PTC (Paid-To-Click) site. It is a verified and trustworthy PTC website operating since 2007. Aside from sending checks for payouts, they also use Paypal as payment processor for those outside the USA and sends electronic cashouts two times a week, Monday and Friday afternoon.

ClixSense is one of the easiest way to make money online, because you just have to click an advertisement, spend a few seconds with it, and you are automatically credited. The bids per click range from $0.001 up to $0.02, and you can also win $0.10 up to $5.00 on the ClixGrid game. You can also do some tasks and you are get paid to do them. Many Filipinos are looking for ways to make money online, and they have found that ClixSense is worth it. Of course this is not a get-rich-quickly scheme, one must put patience and effort to earn. This can be considered as a sideline to make money while working in the real world, and majority of us now are tied to the ‘net. Why get stuck to Facebook all your time when you can click for a few minutes and earn?

But before jumping to the wagon you need to have a few things:

* E-mail address. You will need an e-mail address so you can activate and receive correspondence from ClixSense. It will also be used as a recovery e-mail when you forgot your username.

* Payza or Paypal account. ClixSense sends check cashout when you are from USA. Outside USA, you will need an Payza or Paypal account. It is some kind of an “electronic wallet” and you can withdraw your earnings thru ATM. Click here to create a Payza or Paypal account.

With that, you can now register to ClixSense. Just follow the prompts and you’re good to go!

After registration, just log-in. Then you will see something like this

Just click the “View Ads” button. Then you will see how many advertisements are active, then click them one by one, waiting the time-frame required for each advert to get the credits.

Happy earning!

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