How to earn in Faucethub using faucet

Faucethub is also a profitable way to earn crypto currencies next to Coinpot. You can earn through offerwalls, mining, and faucet clicks.

What you will earn in Faucethub

These are the crypto coins that you can earn:

– Bitcoin Core (BTC)
– Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
– Dash (DASH)
– Dogecoin (DOGE)
– Litecoin (LTC)
…and a lot more

How to earn in Faucethub

Hard: You can login in your faucethub account and click offerwalls or mining.
Easy: You can earn crypto coins using these faucets:

Autofaucet (Choose any coin)
Autobitcoin (Choose any coin)
Autoclaim (Choose any coin)
Fire Faucet (Multi coin)
Dogefaucet (DOGE only)

Where to spend or store the crypto coins?

It really depends with you, but first you need to withdraw your earned cryptocurrency to your preferred wallet app.

– You can use Coinbase for BTC, BCH, and LTC
– You can use for BTC, and BCH
– You can use Jaxx for DOGE, and DASH
– You can use Freewallet, but be careful because there are reports they are bad service.

You can sell or trade it to other individuals, or you can keep it (“HODL”) in the hopes that it will increase its value over time. Entirely up to you.

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