Earn easy money from school – without going to school

An observation from a friend – must try it yourself.

My friend, Balatong was very keen on earning money. He was a licensed teacher, though did not practice it. He earns solely by means of thesis writing, movie analysis and reaction papers for high school and college students, and occasionally he also make some simple web page designs and tutorials for computer students. Sometimes, his income is higher than a paid faculty at our high school. It was really great for him, as he earns from schoolwork for students without him going to school to perform his duties as a teacher.

I sometimes help him and he shares me what he got when his clients pay him. This is a great way to earn money that even out of school youths and moms and almost anyone gifted with good writing skills or some tech skills can invest on this. All they need is some sort of referral or advertising to be noticed by the students looking for such services 🙂

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