How to earn in Coinpot using faucet

Hi, if you want to earn cryptocurrency, is the easy way to do it.

What you will earn in Coinpot

These are the crypto coins that you can earn:

Bitcoin Faucet
Bitcoin Faucet (Bonus Bitcoin)
Bitcoin Faucet (Bitfun)
Bitcoin Cash Faucet
Dash Faucet
Dogecoin Faucet
Litecoin Faucet
* Coinpot Tokens are given as bonus when you claim from above faucets. You can convert tokens into your preferred crypto coin within Coinpot

It is recommended that you claim every 5 minutes for maximum earning. 15 to 30 minutes is also okay, it depends if you really want to earn. But make sure you claim at least once a day so you will be eligible for loyalty bonus, which can also a big help so you could earn more.

*Tip #1: You can convert your token and coins to other Coinpot coin for free. This is good if you want to focus earning one type of coin, for example Bitcoin.

*Tip #2: You can also claim in and every hour. You can then send your Bitcoin (min: 0.00030000 BTC) or Doge (min: 50 DOGE) as deposit to your Coinpot wallet.

Where to spend or store the crypto coins?

It really depends with you, but first you need to withdraw your earned cryptocurrency to your preferred wallet app.

– You can use for BTC (Good for Philippine users)
– You can use for supported currencies.
– You can use Coinbase for supported currencies.

You can sell or trade it to other individuals, or you can keep it (“HODL”) in the hopes that it will increase its value over time. Entirely up to you.

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