Earn Bitcoin or Cash with MARLIVE Automated FOREX Trading

Here is a legit and trusted way to earn bitcoin or cash by investing to an Automated ForEx Trading program.

Earn UP TO 160% without need to do ANYTHING! Just make a deposit (bitcoin / cash) and let MATS (Marlive Automated Trading System) make PROFITS for you.


1. Signup at Marlive Automated Forex.


2. Signup for Coins.PH (recommended), Perfectmoney or Payeer account (recommended).

I personally recommend Coins.PH for Filipinos because you can utilize Peso cash as Bitcoin, and invest in the Marlive System. You can deposit Peso amount in Coins via numerous payment gateways such as DragonPay, 7/11, Online Banking, Banks, etc.


On the other hand if you dont have access to Coins.PH or simply reside from another country that is not supported, then you can use Payeer. You will need to deposit your money first to Payeer and you can use Mastercard or Visa to fund your account. Please note that one-time verification of your identification is needed to prevent fraudulent transactions.


3. You need to deposit a minimum of $10 to your Marlive account. You can do using your Payeer or Coins account and once its processed you can see it reflected in your Marlive account.

4. Wait for your daily profit!



* When you make a deposit, your account will be credited with floating interest rate daily until you earn 160% return, then your deposit will expire. Principal is included in the daily payments.

* The MARLIVE Automated Trading System (MATS) technological infrastructure is designed to support a 24/24 trading environment with almost 100% uptime. All of their ystems are rigorously tested and they use the latest technologies to ensure uninterrupted connectivity for their clients.

* At the time that MATS makes a profit from Forex trades that have been performed using your deposit, it credits a part of that profit in real-time to your account and retains the remaining part to the end of the day. At 23:59:59, their system calculates the interest rate for the day depending on the total amount of retained profits and credits each account with a share of that amount in a certain way that ensures all investors get the same interest rate.

More FAQs here.

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