Earn bitcoin (BTC) for free

YOU ALWAYS GOT SCAMMED BY QUICK-RICH SCHEMES? Want to earn with little or NO INVESTMENT? Willing to Promote the website? Not scam, no mlm, no pyramid, no networking, no products to be sold. Legit online money making procedure. Let me teach you…

Introducing COINS.PH


1. If you are not yet registered, REGISTER HERE. Do not remove the referral link to help me earn bonus too.

2. After registering, go to your e-mail account and verify the e-mail.

3. Identity Verification – in Coins website, go to the “Limits and Verification” tab and fill up and submit the Identity Verification Form. It may be take 24-48 hours after submission to get approved.

4. When all is completed, you will earn bits and it is the beginning of earning Bitcoins you!

5. Go to the “Earn Rewards” > Referrals page and copy the link and referral to advertise on Facebook or anywhere!

6. You can also click “Earn Rewards” > Missions so you could earn more.

Currently they have a promo that you will receive PHP 24 when you sign up and verify your account. Same goes to the referrer. So please use my link to sign-up and share the blessing!

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