Earn $1 – $100 per day using CoinGeneration Autopilot


Take part in DigitalGeneration’s aim to build a supercomputer out of computers worldwide participating and running their program, in return compensating you with a dollar per day, for doing virtually nothing. This is a passive earning you can not let pass!

The amount you earn will be directly proportional to the time you let their software run on your computer. You can get up to $1 per day, leaving the program running in your desktop. It is unobtrusive and wont affect your daily computing at all. In case you decide to buy threads (costs $50 each with 1year validity), you enable a much higher income yield. You can also earn more by referring your friends.

Register here: Digital Generation | A Smarter Way To Use Your PC

Upon sign-up, you need to verify your e-mail and your mobile number. Then you will be awarded a 1-month trial thread which will enable you to earn as much as $1 per day, depending on the time allotted you let the software to run. If you didn’t receive your trial thread right away, feel free to submit them a ticket so they can assist you. Plus you can earn more if you decide to buy paid threads.


View the video below for more information.

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