Does Smart impose mobile services barring?

Last night after a heated debate on an online forum, I decided to flood my enemy’s mobile inbox with nonsense sms messages, with the use of Smart Unlimited Text. After a while it worked, and the online foe I had somehow asked forgiveness not to flood his phone and of his mom too. I just ignored his plea as the phone was connected to my laptop via a bluetooth connection and I was busy with something else.

After thirty minutes the said person again posted online, quoting “So, is that already OK? I’m sorry”. I was puzzled by his statement, and when i checked my phone the GPRS indicator was offline, and the sms broadcast software I’m using didn’t give periodic alerts of the sent messages anymore. I turned off the laptop and my phone, and checked my balance.

What the heck! I cant send a single text. I cant balance inquire, I cant send an sms to myself. I tried ringing my phone, it just end with an alert of “Call rejected”. I even tried to call the hotline, all it return is a “Number barred” prompt. It was like a H3LL for me. I used my “official” number for sms bombing some helpless soul. And now I’m being punished by the system itself. 🙁

I thought it would be the end of my six (6) year old mobile number. I said to myself, “if only is used my dummy number!” then I would be saved from this problem. I would not start from scratch to tell my friends about a new number. And how about my hard print contact information? Well that’s a hassle.

I was about to email the technical support of Smart, and poof, came darkness. Power was lost. So i just sat on bed and tinker around my phone looking for some ways to make it work. I slept, and after waking, still to no avail. Then I realized something, an old technique used for this kind of situations. Well, today, I had my mobile services back.

So I’m thinking, do Smart impose a barring of some sort to “nuisance” or “abusive” subscribers? Or it was just me?

I tried asking my friends who do sms bombing to their enemies, they say they did not experience it, nor even have delayed sms sending.

And as far as I know, they don’t give a “dam” with prepaid subscribers and this “prank” thing. They have some sort of policy in their fine print, but I’m not sure if they do really implement it. Well, lets see.

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