Detroit Airport Parking

Heading to Detroit Metro Airport to fetch your fiancee from a Hongkong trip? It would be wise that you call up a Detroit Airport Parking service before leaving your house. You know, parking space is the main problem when you go to an airport. I bet she’s tired and probably suffering a jetlag, and a problem in parking your car could just make your day a disaster.

Leaving your car at a Detroit airport parking service lessens your worry about not picking up your girlfriend on time, and also clears your mind about the troubles of parking your car in an unsecured location. One of the best airport parking service in Detroit is the US Park, with a distance from the airport of about 1.3 miles. Its daily rate is only $9.00, and comes with a free transport to and from the airport 24 hours a day on shuttle buses. US Park also offers free shuttle to all airport terminals directly from your car, with quick pickup once you return. Call up US Park today and I swear, you’ll never regret it.

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