The dawn of computer viruses

During the World War II era, a mathematician named John von Neumann made great advancements in the area of artificial intelligence. He is also the first person to present the idea that software could be destructive toward itself or to other software.

By definition, rogue software is any program that runs in your computer without your knowledge and consent. It comes in many sizes, colors, and flavors; for example an ANSI bomb could garble user input or a trojan horse program could reformat a hard disk.

The main cause of the creation of rogue software are the angry computer programmers that are underpaid or unappreciated despite the fact that they squeeze the very last bit of performance of the computer to create bug-free and excellent programs, and some researchers that strive to master the science of artificial intelligence.

The aftermath of a rogue software attack could be as simple as the alterations of files to as grave as a complete reformat of a disk. Although no human is harmed, a rogue software attack could be still a threat to our society.

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