Cyber Love Affair!

Darating yung araw na finally matatagpuan na natin ung someone who will sweep us off our feet and make us strong enough to face the challenge of love.

The internet chat room lalo na ang FACEBOOK has opened a totally new opportunity for us para ma-meet ang lahat ng klase ng TAO from all walks of life and distant places.

Marami na ako nakilala at nabasa and marami naring kumuha ng advice galing sakin tungkol sa cyber love affairs – some of them fruitfully blossom into meaningful and lasting relationships but far too many still end in tragedy.

Even if we can virtually know a person from a distance, Naniniwala parin ako that nothing compares to the old fashioned “getting to know each other stage” yung tipo na we can share moments together in reality and not in a world inside a small computer screen. Nevertheless, the chat room is an interesting venue to explore the possibilities of having real relationships.

Sometimes, pag sobra tayu nadadala sa bawat emosyon or sa mga sugar coated words, we miss out on making a reality check. (tama) We become very optimistic and less objective to the point of expecting more than what is actually given to us. (Hays..)

Wala namang masama sumubok, and it is true that our greatest failure could be our fear of trying. But if gusto mo subukan ang Cyber LOve Affairs, be ready sa kung anu man ang magiging result ng decision mo, Hindi man ito maging successful, or you may not have had what you wanted with that person in the internet even if you showed him/her how much he/she meant to you.

But it was better than not having tried loving at all. (db) Love makes no promises. Walang kasiguraduhan and it is good only while it lasts. When love breaks away from us we should not be remorseful or bitter. (wink!) We just have to be thankful that we were given the opportunity to marvel its greatness. When we lose someone we love, it is not necessarily because we are undeserving. Perhaps that person is not meant for us or someone else better deserves it…and someone else deserves you better.

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