Crimes, Death Penalty and the Modern Philippines

Yes, death penalty should be included in our justice system on this modern age Philippines. It should have been applied since the day Padre Damaso raped the mother of fateful Maria Clara. His death was unclear in Rizal’s Noli Me Tangere but it would be appropriate if he was brought to a justice court and received death penalty by firing squad or garrote. You may say that he is just a fictional character but you ought to remember that Padre Damaso represents the clear image of wickedness and corruption. He is a murderer, rapist, crook, and evil in its purest sense, but the worst verity of it all is that he is alive and free… until now.

The idea of him is still present in our society. He could be the politician who views your taxes as personal investments or assets. Or your neighbor who raped your 4 year old daughter and dumped her dead body in the nearest swamp. He could be also the weird Joe who sells drugs to your son who’s already a thief and a kidnapper. Or a terrorist who’s expert in annihilating innocent lives though his home-made bombs. Simply, he can just be anywhere at any time because he is alive and free.

“The wages of sin is death”, that’s what I read from the Holy Scriptures. Criminals should be brought to a fair and honest trial in a justice court and if proven on the wrong side of the law then he or she will receive the appropriate torment and death should be the optimum penalty.

Criminals are like pests in a rice field and the judiciary system is the concerned farmer. Of course, farmer will use insecticides and pesticides to exterminate the parasites on his farm so that he could have a fruitful harvest. This society could not be fruitful or productive if we have pests in it.

There’s always “A Time to Kill”, a film based on famous novel written by an American lawyer. It is time to put an end to crooks’ useless and harmful life before they will do further damage or influence others. The judiciary system should serve death to its guilty inhuman citizen and hand out justice to those who seek it. But death penalty would be useless if given to the innocent so fair and honest trial court would always be necessary.

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