Cant connect to VPN Globe fix

11-11-11. Lucky for some. Not for me.

Last November 11, 2011 I was disconnected from my browsing. It was the end of my free internet browsing. I thought that its just about the “traffic” or the network condition.

Days have elapsed but still I cant connect. I tried the Globe Sim on my phone, it wont work. even the Opera Mini handler java applications wont work with it. I resorted to a slow Sun cellular EDGE internet because of my fear that my Globe tattoo was already UDP blocked.

Well I searched for a solution online and I found a post in that I only have to change the UDP port from 53 into 137 (lport 137 on OpenVPN). I cant test this one yet as I am subscribed to a 1-day internet package.

If you guys have tested this, pls post to confirm!

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