Cloud-based DDoS Protection


On the previous articles, I have shown you steps to mitigate a DOS/DDoS attack by means of Server Configuration or PHP-based Protection. Now, I will show you an easier way of protecting your website, and it involves little or no programming knowledge at all. The best part is, its free!

Introducing Cloudflare


Cloudflare is a cloud-based solution that protects your website from a wide range of online threats. It also accelerates your site, dispersing it to the Cloudflare CDN across the world. It works regardless of your server flavor, your operating system, and whatnot. The only thing you will do is just update your name server and Cloudflare will do the rest. But first, you must signup on the Cloudflare Website, and add your website(s).

Among the features of Cloudflare

– Content Distribution Network
– Website Optimizer
– Threat Protection
– Analytics
– Add-on Web Applications

Try it now, almost all websites and Hosting providers support this. If you are not into the tinkering, you can ask your hosting company to assist you in setting up Cloudflare on your account.

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