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Most of us know CDR-King as the cheapest gadget store here in the Philippines. They have a website where you can check cool gadgets and their corresponding price, giving you more time and convenience in shopping but nonetheless you have to go to their physical store to buy as they dont have the online payment facility. Anyway I have to leave CDR-King for now and I have to tackle the “main course” of this article.

Have you ever known DealExtreme?


DealExtreme is also a great gadgets store, and they offer cool items at a whooping super low price, and guess what — free shipping! It was so ridiculously unbelievable, that even $0.01 items are of free shipment although “free shipping” items typically reach you 1 to 2 months, or even longer. If you want your items to arrive at you fast, then you have to place your order with a shipment fee. I think CDR-King also taps on this company for their low-priced products.

The DealExtreme website is very straightforward. The navigation are divided into Categories, $2 Gadgets, New Arrivals, Deals, Top Sellers, and if you signed up an account you can also use the Order Tracking form easily. You can also participate in the forums or post a product review.

Ok I have to stop wasting your time. Head to DealExtreme website now. Happy shopping! 🙂

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