How to unlock Middle East and North Africa SIM Locked Mobile Phones via E-mail

Hello, this post is an add-on to the existing trick to unlock sim locked phones in middle east and north africa.

In case you forgot or did not know about the “call” trick, and you have already brought the mobile phone in your country, dont lose hope!

This information is valid for Samsung only. I do not know about other sim-locked mobile phones.

Just send an e-mail to cs.ksa[at] (replace [at] with @) with the following:

Subject field: Unlock Code

Message field:

Reason: (your reason, like you will bring as gift and you need unlock code)
Contact Number: (your mobile #)
Device Model: (see in box)
Serial and IMEI no: (see in box)
Copy of Receipt of Purchase: (attach photo of reciept)
Country: (example, Philippines)

A support staff will email you the code, just follow it.

LAST OPTION: Bring to a legit cellphone repair shop!

Hope it helps!