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How to buy BAT (Basic Attention Token) from Philippines

The Basic Attention Token (BAT) token is created to improve advertising by eliminating fraud in terms of traditional advertising models. BAT is currently used as a “tipping” token, and its token value is rising as more people are beginning to use it. Currently you can get BAT token by using the Brave Browser, or by buying it. In this article i’ll show how you can buy BAT and hodl it yourself.


1. Philippine Peso.
2. A account.
3. A BAT Wallet. I recommend Jaxx Liberty (available for PC and Mobile).


1. Cash-in to PHP Wallet or directly to BTC Wallet on your coins account via the various modes available (7/11, Remittance center, GCash, Online banking, etc).

2. Using app, convert your PHP to BTC or BCH or ETH (depends on your liking). After converting, you need to send the converted value to your Jaxx app. (note: you need to send SAME cryptocoin from Coins app to Jaxx app)

3. Using Jaxx app, activate your BAT wallet. Convert your cryptocoin to BAT. Take note of the price. You can wait and monitor the price fluctuation to get better value when you convert.

4. HODL your BAT token!

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  1. Lovely cherry Lovely cherry December 21, 2018

    Does it accept PayPal accounts

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