Never Be Too Busy To Get Busy

A great way to reduce stress, feel healthy and great, and maintain a good relationship with our partners and ourselves is simply through sex. Between work, children, activities, and the everyday trials of life there comes a time when we just need to partake in activities that just make us feel better about ourselves. Our partners are our “better halves” and when we are stressed, they are stressed, and vice-versa. Which is why every couple should know about the fives kinds of sex they should be having.

1.)  The Quickie—no matter where, how, why, or when, it’s called a ‘quickie’ for a reason. It should be fun, exciting, creative and quick! Best part about the quickie is that it’s calls for not even needing to take all your clothes off! The quickie is a sexy sneak attack kind of sex that you both will be looking forward to!

2.)  The Honeymoon—this is much like the time when you first fell in love with your beau and you could barely keep your hands off of him. The honeymoon sex is still spontaneous like a quickie, but takes more seduction and doesn’t have to be a “wham bam thank you ma’am” kind of deal. The point of this form of sex is to still prove to you and your honey that the fire is still there. It should rekindle feelings of magic and excitement and remind you of what is desirable in your lover.

3.)  The Olympics—sex should be like the Olympic motto: “Let the games begin!” Sometimes the missionary position can get pretty boring, no matter whom you are with. Even if you are more creative and have a few more positions you stick to, even routine can become mundane. Visiting the sex shop, buying sex games, (or my favorite) sex coupons will illicit excitement and thrill to the routine bed dance you’re stuck in.

4.)  The Dominator Dominated—if women wait around for men to always make the first move you can bet there will be a shortage of babies each year. Most guys love when the pressure is off of them and when they can sit back and be told what to do. What guys secretly love too is to be tied up or blindfolded; it leaves them vulnerable and excited. It’s the thrill of the unknown!

5.)  Make-up Sex—ladies, we’ve heard it before and most of us can agree: “make-up sex is the best kind of sex.” After a heated fight with your beau, I’m sure the last thing you’d want to do is cuddle up next to him and shower him with kisses. However, the endorphins running through your body are at it’s high and are perfect for lovemaking and getting that perfect “O.” But if you’re not able to cool down for a good rundown, sex after you both are in better states of mind is also great; nothing says “I’m sorry” like make-up sex full of passion. This is my favorite kind of sex because you can have all of the above forms of sex during the make-up session!

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