Botcha, double dead, you name it!

Yuletide season is fast approaching. All are busy for the great festivities. So are the “botcha” traders. 🙁

Botcha, or double dead, are just the common terms used for meats that are decaying or beyond their shelf life. Selling of these meats are illegal, but rampant and practiced in the Philippines. Although laws are enforced to effect, merchants roam around towns, especially on far flung areas, and sell them to unsuspecting customers. A few weeks ago, a raid was done to a certain town suspected of distributing these products. And just today, a truckload of chicken were also caught delivering dead chickens, sold half the price. They have removed the heads to allow blood to flow minimizing the discolorations on the meat. Then “botcha” clients would use them in turn to sell as fried chicken, or other food products on side walks where unknowing citizens buy to fill their stomach.

There’s no telling to what extent “botcha” has gone. Lechon industry are invaded by botcha. Processed meat (longganisa, embotido, ham, etc). I seen greenish smelly chicken loaded with blocks of ice still displayed on an established mall grocery at Manila. Was that color just a marketing strategy? Who knows??

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