Seriously Boost Your Immune System

Do you get frequent colds, have chronic infections, or unexplained tiredness? Let’s talk about ways to change the situation by improving your immune system. As you know, germs are everywhere and your immune system is constantly having to fight microbes all day. So why not do something to improve your chances of escaping a lot of the colds, yeast infections, and fever blisters to name a few.
Quiz yourself by finding out if you suffer from one or more of the problems mentioned. If you do, then we’ll be glad to help you improve your immunities. The power of your immune system is under your control. Here’s why.

Positive feelings and thoughts enhance immuno-competence. Negative thoughts and emotions suppress and weaken the vigor of our immunity. Lack of exercise, too much stress, lack of adequate sleep, surgeries, and smoking are some of the causes of a poor immune system.

To improve your immune system it makes sense to avoid smoking and excessive drinking of alcohol, get exercise and plenty of sleep, and face your problems as soon as possible so the stress can roll off your back. But if you really want to improve your immunities, you can also take adaptogens. Adaptogens are almost magical in that they adapt to the actual needs of your body systems. Keep reading to learn about one such natural treasure.

The Chinese herb astragalus increases the ratio of cancer survivors when taken during chemotherapy treatments. It is effective, yet safe. The only time experts don’t recommend you take astragalus is during a fever. It boosts antibodies and has a supportive effect on bone marrow. Renowned naturopathic doctor, Mark Stengler, recommends 1,000 mg daily if you are taking it in capsule form. In traditional Chinese medicine, 8 to 15 grams of the root are decocted. By boiling it in water, the important ingredients that enhance the immune system are extracted.

Give this tonic a try to really boost your immune system. You can actually avoid the overuse of antibiotics by using astragalus. Colds will come about less often, chronic infections will be cured, and you will be more energetic because astragalus also boosts your adrenals. Astragalus is the secret herb that doctors take to avoid getting sick and now you’re in on it!

This information is intended for informational purposes and is not for the use of replacing medical advise from a qualified health care provider.

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