How To Boost Globe Tattoo 3G / 4G Signal

The following self-help guide will make your Globe Tattoo broadband signal reception better, so you could surf the internet faster.

How to boost your Globe Tattoo broadband 3G signal

– You must set the network type to WCDMA / 3G / HSPA+ only. This will lock the signal reception to that signals, so it will be stable rather than your broadband kit having to autodetect the signal reception and possibly locking to the GSM / GPRS / EDGE which are slower. This is only applicable if you have WCDMA / 3G / HSPA+ steady signal. If not, then you could just opt for WCDMA / 3G / HSPA+ preferred.

– Use the “signal booster” trick. Its pretty easy. You can use a compact disc to act as a “dish” for your broadband USB (screenshot below):

There are also more “advanced” tutorials on making a receiver dish. A sample of this can be found on youtube:

I hope this simple guide could help you!

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