Bloggers: How to blog safely

Blogs are very personal. You can share information about anything and everything. This can be a recipe, a literary piece you have done, your personal view of the society, or even how your boss implement the rules on your workplace.

Once you blog, there are no specific guarantee that you will attract visitors on your page. At least, a few readers will find your existence on the web, and these people maybe the least you’re expecting, nor people that may not approve of your ideals. These include potential or existing employer, co-workers, professional colleagues, neighbors, your partner, your family, or just anyone else.

The bottom line is that anyone will be able to find your blog if your identity is tied to it, and it can create unprecedented consequences. Family members may be shocked or upset when they read your uncensored ideas. A prospective employer may think twice before hiring you. But this petty concerns should not make you stop from blogging. Instead, keep your blog private, or accessible only to trusted people.

Here are some precautions you can implement:

Blog Anonymously
* Use a pseudonym and dont use identifiable information
* Use an anonymizer / anonymizing technologies
* Limit your blog readers
* Don’t be indexed on search engines
* Register your domain with privacy protection if possible

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