Beware of Scam Texts/Emails that purports to be an agency from Jobstreet


JobStreet is a reputable resource if you want to get hired or hire someone. But the drawbacks is of course the ever spreading scams that you are selected as an applicant and these suspicious “employers” will get into your mobile phone and e-mail.

I have this particular experience just this January. I made my profile in Jobstreet “private”, so thats fine. But this year I want to maximize my job potential so I updated it and opened my profile so the employers could contact me asap if they see I’m qualified.

The problem is, also the prying eyes of scammers are also feasting on my profile.

I got a text stating I was qualified for a job slot in Canada, and so it goes:

“Last 8 slots left: U r selected 4 a Nurse/Caregiver post 4 Canada thru Jobstreet, No placement/processing fee! Pls check your e-mail add asap: Copeman Hosp 5077627”

Never replied it, and after a day I got another one from the same number:

“Last 3 slots left, reservation of slot is done after we receive the payment dtails, pls txt us b4 paying 2 check slot availability: Providence Healthcare 5077627”

The very next day, I got an e-mail and there included was the western union payment details that supposedly I will use to send them money.

Clearly they are up to something. Why say no processing fee, and under “Copeman Hosp” and the next day text to pay for reservation, under the name “Providence Healthcare”???

This is of course NOT connected to Jobstreet, and its very hard to track these criminals. they will just have access to all open profiles in Jobstreet and almost these job-needy victims will succumb to that scam and end up sending money to the fraudsters.

Do you have the same experience?

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