Are we just shadows of perfection?


This is the confession of my confused mind. Are we created or we create the creator? Just the thought of it is bothering like a painful cancer in my brain.

For the creator and the created:

Losing My Imperfection
(August 04, 2007)

I let the shadows of lies
cover my thoughts of divine.
As I write my silent pen dies
I hear the reasons of the Vine.

Ghosts whisper in my dead ears
the place of eternal kind.
Chanting melodies of tears
salvation in Sheol is find.

This land is an evil place
goblins are always in sight.
And their grins linger in space
in my restless darkest night.

Look! The haunted temple now
it is tortured by reasons.
The Vine speaks answers and how
misery come in seasons.

Let the rock shouts in anger
as the wind strokes its finger.
Everyday I grow older
waiting for my sinister.
I let the shadows of lies

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