How to apply for a Postal ID in the Philippines


Postal ID verifies the existence and residence of the recipient which is useful when you receive a postal money order, mailed check payment or other tangible items sent though the post office. You can also use this ID as primary or secondary ID for employment, opening bank account, NBI Clearance, Passport application and so on. To apply for a postal ID, go to the nearest PhilPost Office in your area or any Local Post Office of your zip code.


1. Duly Notarized POSTAL ID Application Form No. 391

2. 3 Identical Passport size picture (1 1/2″ x 2″) with white background. One attached to your application form and the other for your ID and the other for their own records.

3. Original Copy of your NSO

4. CENOMAR or Certificate of No Marriage for Girls.

5. Brgy. Clearance

6. Cedula (Community Tax Certificate)

7. Application Fee

What to do next?

1. First is get a copy of a Duly Notarized Postal ID Application Form 391. Have it photocopied for 3 copies.

2. Have a Brgy. Clearance and Cedula to the nearest Brgy. Hall where you reside. You will need to provide your VRR (Voters Registration Record) or Voter’s ID.If you are not registered voter go to your nearest Comelec Office. Have your Duly Notarized Postal ID Application form sign by your Brgy. Captain as your witnessed that you are a resident in your area.

3. Submit all documents to the post office. After verifying the documents they will start typing your details in the ID Card and will ask you to check the date for any typographical errors. Pay the corresponding amount of the application.

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