How to apply for a Globe GCASH ATM Card

This was originally posted last 2012, and GCash underwent many changes since. I posted an updated article about it.

Globe now offers existing and new GCASH account holders a way of withdrawing money anywhere the country by means of an GCASH ATM. Unlike before, all users have to go to a Globe Hub to “cash out” their money. Now, by the use of an ATM, one can easily withdraw at any Bancnet, Megalink, Encash, or Expressnet ATMs nationwide. However the withdrawal fee is around PHP 20 pesos.

How to get the GCASH ATM Card?

For only PHP 100 pesos, existing and new account holders can get a fully customizable ATM card with their 1×1 photo printed at the back of the card. This can be used as a valid ID for GCASH or other transactions.

Just head to the Globe GCASH Card Application website.

The application form is very easy to use, just fill it up with the required data. You can use the default designs or upload your own photo for the background. And you must provide a 1×1 photo for use at the back of the card to correctly identify you as the owner.

Please note that you must have at least PHP 100 pesos in your GCASH wallet for a hassle-free application. And allow upto 2 weeks for the delivery.

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