Angel from Heaven

When my brother was in high school, he gave this poetry to Sheila Anna – the most beautiful girl in the campus. She got long dark hair, round face, and sweet little eyes. She was both our fantasy. At present, she’s a mother of two kids and just last month she sent her husband to prison for domestic violence. He always got home drunk, penniless, and beat her to death with a baseball bat askin’ for some money.

I just met her yesterday in the local grocery store. She’s only 28 years old but she look like a granny. I guess, time changed her smiles to sorrowful songs like a she’s fading away to that remorseful place. Anyway, here’s the poem (words of love inspired by Sheila Anna)

Angel From Heaven
by sweetleaf, September 29, 1999

Angel from heaven.
Your face worth a thousand words,
Of which I couldn’t wrote or spoke,
For I am lost inside your eyes.

Angel from Heaven.
My soul was born in your smiles,
Lightens the shadow of my imperfection,
Love blossoms in my heart.

Angel from Heaven.
I love you without any
Mask of lies that grin,
with all my hopes and dreams.

Angel from Heaven.
A touch of you is my ever longing,
Fell the sweetness of your caress,
Hear the sound of your laughter’s and tears.

Angel from Heaven.
Why are you here on the ground?
Your presence had caused chaos within me.
Lamentation upon my soul.

Angel from Heaven.
Can you find me here in vain?
And sing the passion and joy of love,
Speak the language I never felt before.

Angel from heaven.
I will be forever in misery,
For you are so far away from me,
You are from heavens and heavens alone.

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