Android apps you’ll want for Super Bowl 2013


As the countdown begins for this year’s Super Bowl, we know many of you will have parties planned, meals, or pub lock downs for one of the biggest and hyped up television events of the year.

Whether you’re in it for the football or the commercials, we can admit that the over-sized flat-screen television won’t be the only devices you’ll be using to see you through this year’s Super Bowl!

Now, if you’re a NFL fan fanatic then you’ll probably be one step ahead, but just in case, we wanted to share the latest Android and iPhone Super Bowl apps; exceptionally handy for keeping track of statistics or if you wish it, helping others to follow the game…

So, without further ado, here are the top 3 free Super Bowl iPhone and Android apps 2013:

#1 Super Bowl XL VII Guide
This app promises to prevent you from missing a thing with its instant Super Bowl messaging service which sends instant notifications to your mobile phone. It even lets you access information to related events, nearby restaurants, pubs and other desirable destinations which are hosting the Super Bowl event. AND, what also makes this app great is that it’s FREE!

#2 OnSports
The main purpose of this app is to connect you with other Super Bowl fanatics to create heated discussions and debates that you can chine on. It’s purposely made for the true fans of Super Bowl, whereby beer and buddies doesn’t quite cut the experience for you. A clever, yet highly addictive app to see you through this year’s game.

#3 NFL Mobile
There are many different NFL apps out there so be sure to download the right one! The NFL mobile app lets you track all things NFL which gives you access to videos, highlights and breaking news on all things sport. The latest version of the app will feed you live coverage of the Super Bowl game to prevent you from missing a snippet when stocking up in the kitchen or beer re-filling. To sum it up, it’s genius, efficient and reliable.

So what are you waiting for, be one step ahead and get involved in one of the biggest sporting events of the year, 2013!

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