Affiliate links for making money online

Here are some of the cool affiliate links that can help you make money online. If you want to use any of the affiliate products below, make sure you are endorsing it close to the needs of your blog readers, explain to them the product you are promoting so you could entice them to buy or subscribe. You could be earning $$$ in no time.

Google Affiliate Network. Get in touch with premium and quality advertisers. Earn generous revenue from site leads and conversions. The very best tandem for Google Adsense. By the way, this will require a valid, approved Google AdSense account.

CPALead. CPALead is a great way to monetize your site. They offer your blog readers some surveys and in turn you get revenue for every successful submission. So for every publisher you refer to them, you get also a commission of what they have earned. Cool huh?

Hotfile. You can opt for a premium account for faster downloads and you can earn money simply by inviting your friends to use their partner affiliate services. Just dont use it to upload illegal files though. They could ban you or remove your “Premium” status if you do that.

Byethost. Our partner web hosting solutions are powered by the industry standard cPanel control panel system and uses only the latest state-of-the-art infrastructures to provide quality and reliable hosting. You can register for an account at their portal and use the affiliate link so you could earn by referring others to buy a domain or web hosting.

Bidvertiser. This is a great advertising model. The goal is to enable you to make money as much as possible from your site. They pay monthly, either by check, or instantly through PayPal.

Chitika. You can earn revenue from your website traffic with this free service. Chitika is the only advertising company which helps to preserve your site layout by optimizing when will the ads and if relevant ads are to be shown. It is compatible with Google AdSense.

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