Advanced tutorial for Flow Wizard (Jingling Flowspirit for Webmaster) SEO Traffic


Download: Jingling 4.0.3
Password: 123456

Description of Functions

1. URL Id

2. Web Address

3. Visitor/Traffic Flow

4. Status: [GREEN] working, [RED] there is a problem

5. Option: [LEFT] pause/restart, [RIGHT] delete link

6. Option: [LEFT] timed browsing, [RIGHT] traffic origin (see below)

7. Optimization (see below)

8. Add new Web Address

9. Add existing URL Id [optional]

Timed Browsing


1. Time line: 0 to 23 hours

2. Flow rate: 0% to 100%

3. Option: [Save], [Reset], [Default], [Cancel]

Traffic Origin


1. Option: [1] All traffic, [2] China traffic, [3] Mainland China traffic, [4] All except China traffic [5] Custom

2. Option: [1] Save, [2] Reset, [3] Default, [4] Cancel

Optimization Settings


1. Independent IP/Page Visit: 1 to 3.

2. Automatic access: Determined by IP:PV.

3. Refresh: Reload the current page only.

4. Re-Access: Visit the subpage, and open the origin page.

5. Matching: Visit a page with “matching string”.

6. Pop-up: Enable or Disable (if you have popup code on your site)

7. Destination: Enable or Disable (if you want to redirect traffic after page load)

8. Destination Listing

9. Destination Option: [Add], [Delete]

10. Referer URLs: Enable or Disable (“From” traffic)

11. Referer Listing

12. Referer Option: [Add], [Edit], [Delete]

13. Option: [Save], [Cancel]

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