What is the best Adsense alternative?

Are you looking for a Google Adsense alternative?

YesClick (formerly Bidtraffic) is not a Google Adsense alternative, but a replacement instead. Most of you don’t know or even heard about YesClick. They are a search-based advertising network operating since 2004, and is much better than Google Adsense or Adbrite Exchange. It is quite different and very effective in terms of PPC advertising.

With YesClick, you dont need to have a standalone website to promote their products. You can just use any website, be it Blogger or WordPress hosted site and use the simple public feed option.

Promoting YesClick is very simple. Just use a top paying keyword and you’re set to riches. You can get the Top 1000 keywords and use it as the default keyword in your XML feed or JavaScript ad code.

They pay via Check, Wire transfer, ePassporte, PayPal, StormPay, EPESE and WebMoney.

Personally, I regret that It is only this 2012 that I have known about YesClick. I could have earned money online 2 years ago if I didn’t stick with Google Adsense and later mercilessly banned 🙁

To make become a YesClick publisher, register for an account here.

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