Ads wars: Text or Images?

As you browse through websites and blogs you’ll notice that most advertisements are in text mode. Why then?

Think about this: As an average user, how many times you click on a text hyperlink? Do you necessarily click hyper linked images?

Using text ads would be a good choice as it will increase your chance of being clicked, a technique commonly called click bait. When you’re serving text links, The user would think that it is actually part of your article, and he will be enticed to read on as he sees it as an additional reference – especially if the ad itself is contextual in nature. While with image ads, it is immediately known to the user that it is an advertisement and most of the time it is not clicked due to the concept “a picture is worth a thousand words”, that the user already knew what is the proceeding page by just seeing the image teaser.

At the end of the discussion, Text ads is king.

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