Ad alternatives and complements to Google AdSense

In the publishing arena, there’s no doubt about Google Adsense. However, when you’re out of luck in your Adsense account (whether disapproved or disabled), you lose potential revenue. Or just you want to augment your income with other methods – this is where alternative advertising comes in.

Popular publishing networks being used by many sites, check them out:

Kontera: This is an in-line advertising solution that offers a one-click support for Blogger, Drupal, Joomla and WordPress. Manual code placement is also available.

Chitika: Chitika displays ads related to the search terms coming from search engine traffic. This can give you higher revenues if you have a high USA and Canada traffic.

Obeus: The “Democratic” pay-per-click and pay-per-impressions advertising service. The system allows you to publish text ads or media banners from their approved advertisers. The “sticky” top ad option is good complement for your site.

AdBrite: Offers a variety of styles in publishing. They have contextual ad units, in-line, full-page ads and more.

Clicksor: Provides all of the usual contextual ad as well as providing inline ads, rich media, and graphical banners.

BidVertiser: Advertisers bid directly against one another for your website’s ad space. Shows text ads and rich graphic banners.

Infolinks: An in-text advertising, but is welcoming to web sites of all sizes and traffic. It has a better revenue share and highest payout around at 70%. I tried this one, and after enabling the “related tags” option, it doubled my earnings!

Nuffnang Philippines: A graphic-only advertisement dedicated to Asian market.

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