A free PHP obfuscator / encoder software

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Sometimes in the coding world, hacking and stealing of precious PHP scripts are a commonplace. With this, people like me look for ways to protect their code from hackers and website defacers. There are a lot of obfuscating tools in the market, such as Zend Guard and IonCube Encoder and they are very expensive and they need some sort of loaders installed in the server for the correct program execution. There are cheaper brands like Byterun Protector for PHP, HTML Protector, Website Compiler and others. Theres also a free online PHP encoder version, still from Byterun Software but you’ll need to get a single use access code every time you wish to encode your PHP files.

Recently I discovered a FREE PHP obfuscator from Raizlabs, it was awesome. Have a try with this software!

Download: Raizlabs PHP Obfuscator

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