5 Places to Find Love

Finding love, or like, is hard enough as it is with all the pressure we put on ourselves and the added pressure by society and families for finding potential mates. What should be a relaxed and fun process can become so stressful and grueling that sometimes it doesn’t seem worth it. However, meeting a potential love interest can be great, fun and stress-free all wrapped in one.

Work: some say it’s best not to mix business with pleasure but I say that if you can separate being professional from being romantic in the office then go for it! There are other singles surrounding you at work and you’re bound to find someone attractive. It’s not wrong to turn the dating game on after that 9-5 shift, in fact it’s a great conversation starter to wind-down after work. As long as you and your co-worker of interest can stay mutually professional and keep the drama out the office then there’s no reason why inter-office dating should be a bad idea.

Bookstore or Book Event: as one of the more popular places to meet other singles, it’s also one of the more fulfilling places to find a potential love interest. Where is there a better place to find someone who has similar interests than a place that says so much about a person’s personality and mind-set? A bookstore/book event also just takes away pressure on the meeting; it’s a relaxed place at a relaxed pace. Perfect for a stress-free causal “chance” encounter!

Church: it’s as if God himself was giving you both the blessing to move forward! Here’s why this is a great single’s place: a) you already know he’s a good, warm-hearted, and generous, b) single men usually go with their immediate families to church so having a common interest in one of the toughest areas of compatibility is an ultra-plus, and he’s clearly family-oriented, and c) clearly Jesus wants it to happen.

Happy Hour: yes this is a big change to the previous place to meet a potential love interest but it still works. The key to meeting a guy in a bar and making a good enough impression that one or more dates may follow is to stick to one drink and make it a soft one. You’ll have slightly enough liquid courage that you won’t feel so nervous or reserved while also being able to keep your cool and be yourself.

Exercise: whether it be through your regular gym workouts, yoga, Pilates, or going for a run/walk in the park, meeting people during your exercise preference may seem unsanitary but totally the right idea. You both have care about your health and body and more importantly: you’ve seen one another at your sweatiest, exhausted, and maybe your most unattractive side so when the first date rolls around you will both be a pleasant visual surprise for one another!

Meeting a potential love-interest can really happen anywhere, anytime, anyhow.  The key is to always be open, honest, and yourself so that you make the best impression possible and get the same in return. The pressure is only there if you put it there and if you allow it to be! Other places: volunteering your time for the same organization/group, coffee shop, cooking and/or other activity class, supermarket, etc.

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