18 Again, India’s first feminine rejuvenating cream

18 Again is a feminine cream that claims to tighten the intimate part of a woman (the vagina in particular) thus giving the impression of “18 again” to women using this product. It contains a medical grade gold dust, aloe vera, alum, pomegranate, vitamin E, and almond, which are touted to be effective in restoring the female anatomy back into its prime years. It is created by India’s top experts and is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The listed benefits of 18 Again gel (from 18again website):

* Rejuvenates, tightens and correct vaginal laxity.
* Improves vaginal grip and strength of muscles.
* Hydrates the vagina and encourages natural lubrication.
* Delays effects of aging and provides complete restoration.
* Maintains healthy pH levels of 4.5
* Makes the vagina less vulnerable to infections.
* Masks foul odor.
* Removes dryness and hydrates the vagina.
* Reduces involuntary urine escape.

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