15 minutes of call and 200 texts to Sun, Smart and TNT for only 20 pesos


For only 20 pesos, you can now afford to send 200 texts and a 15-minute call to Sun cellular, Talk ‘n text, or Smart subscriber!

Trio 20

With the recent merger of PLDT and DIGITEL, the innovation in their products gives their subscriber the best possible value for their money, thru the Trio 20 promotional service.

Until March 31, 2012, prepaid subscribers can take advantage of this Trio 20 service which comes with 200 free texts and 15 minutes worth of call to Sun, Smart, and Talk ‘n text all valid for one day.

For Sun cellular subscribers, they just have to load up via Sun Xpressload or text TRIO20 to 2477. Smart and Talk ‘n text can text TRIO20 to 2477 too.

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