10 reasons before buying a gadget

With all the technological revolution happening around us, you don’t want to be left behind. We need to have these smart gadgets to facilitate our lives in a society characterized by high technology. Most of the time, we tried so hard to get the latest and coolest gadgets available in tech stores. But we have to take into consideration money we have.

So before you get broke, here’s the 10 simple ways on how to save money when buying gadgets:

1. Quality is the best policy. Look for gadgets of best quality at affordable price. Always take into consideration the reliability of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). I’m sure that you won’t buy a gadget made by some faulty company.

2. Look for upgradable gadgets. In this society where advancement is inevitable, never plunge yourself for every latest version shown on the market. Search for gadgets that can’t be outdated in the next 2 years or more. Make sure that its applications can be modified or upgraded.

3. Gadgets of multi-functionality. Search for products that really suit your needs. Of course, you don’t want to buy a cell phone that you can only make a call and send text or mms where there’s a mobile that can do it all: send and receive email and faxes, surf the internet, etc.

4. Buy gadget in a smart way. Check for technicians’ forums and blogs. Others’ review of product is important because you can judge whether the product you want to buy worth your investment by others own experience.

5. Ask a friend. Your friends are best source of information regarding the product or the gadget itself. A feedback from a trusted friend’s experience regarding the product is the most reliable. You can also ask them if their selling some of their gadgets.

6. You like discounts. Keep looking for discounts, coupons, and promos. This can save you a lot of money and with the same money, you may buy more things than others. Isn’t it wise enough?

7. Take advantage of deals. There are numerous deals available online that will help you get the worth of your money. You can always visit eBay or Amazon.com or other online stores.

8. Buy at the right time. Always check for midnight sales, holiday sales, etc. Major holidays remain the best times to shop for big purchases, with deep discounts offered on electronics. Also take note that major consumer electronic shows present new and upcoming devices in January, and retailers start around April to make room for these new devices by marking down current inventory.

9. Follow retailers on Twitter or Facebook. In addition to signing up for email newsletters, consider following on Twitter or Facebook any retailers you may purchase from, most of the time, offer unique promotions for their social media followers.

10. Upgrade, buy used, or build your own PC. You can go on line or check tech-magazines for guide to PC Hardware/Reviews, additional tips for finding a laptop or desktop PC for less, including purchasing PCs with less RAM and upgrading the memory yourself, building your own desktop, and purchasing refurbished units.

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